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. they are introducing the $199 kindle fire, which uses google's android operating system. now here's maria with more of the show. >>> thomas friedman is the "new york times" columnist and the co-aut r of "that used to be us" good to have you on the program. >> good to be here. thank you. >> you described yourself as a frustrated optimist. what did the united states used to be that we aren't anymore? >> the book has a backward looking title but is really a forward-looking book because we believe america had a formula for success that we've gotten away from. that was built on five pillars. educate our people up to and beyond what the current level of technology is, whether it's the cotton gin or the laptop computer. second, have the best infrastructure, roads, telecom. we track the most energetic and talented risk takers. have the best rules on emphasis and have the best government funded research to push out the best technology. that was our formula for success, and what we argued at the beginning of the end of the cold war, we got away from that formula. our real challenge, and i think our real oppo
energy.com. >>> on the broadcast tonight, getting out of iraq. after nine years of war, president obama tells the world all u.s. troops are leaving iraq by the end of the year. tonight, the risks of leaving and what the president didn't say about the decision. >>> steve jobs. a first look at the untold story he left behind. the controversial choices he made about fighting his cancer. >>> and making a difference. a restaurant where you don't have to pay if you can't. the famous face behind it and the inspiration he found right here on this broadcast. the inspiration he found right here on this broadcast. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm kate snow in tonight for brian. after nine years of bloody war costing thousands of american lives and hundreds of billions of american dollars, president obama says it is ending. the last american troops in iraq are packing up and getting out by the end of the year. home, he says, in time for the holidays. it was march of 2003 when president george w. bush announced the start of the war against iraq with shock and aw
. >> good morning, everyone. a beautiful start for us on this sunday. fog has burned off. it is 59 degrees. after the cool start in the 40's, it is 59 at the airport. the humidity 78%. barometric pressure nice and high. the high temperatures this afternoon up around 80 degrees. we'll check the seven-day forecast when i come back in a few minutes. >> our big story this morning is a bleach fight in baltimore county. the hazmat team had to be called in and the entire store evacuated. >> 19 people were rushed to the hospital. sheldon dutes has more on what happened. >> i wasn't really scared, but i have a baby so i had to get out. >> the shong trip was cut short after a fight between two women spiraled out of control. around 11:00 in the morning, theresa jefferson followed a woman into the arbutus store. >> a suspect grabbed whatever she could grab at the time, and she grabbed bleach and a bottle of ammonia and poured these on the victim as she was assaulting the victim down on the ground. continued to pour these on her. >> they said they needed to evacuate the store. >> the problem was if it
about the trial of michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray, so he goes behind the headlines with us. >>> and also behind the headlines, the unemployment rate at 9.1%. the fed chairman recently saying the economic recovery is, quote, close to faltering. millions of americans are worried about their savings, how they're going to support their families, whether they'll have enough money to retire. coming up, we're going to get you through your financial emergencies in today's "money 911. o of". >> all right. >> good. ann sold the olympic torch and now prayer beads given to her personally by the dalai lama. >> you know, she asked me to be generous and it's for charity. >> let's go inside to the news desk. >> giving me a hard time for donating -- how about a beaded head? >> thank you, matt, ann and al. good morning, everybody. amanda knox is back in the u.s. this morning after four years in an italian prison. nbc's stephanie gosk is in seattle with more. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. she spent 1,450 days in that prison. but it only took 30 hours to get her b
attack to assassinate -- the saudidor to the a ambassador to the u.s. >> the justice department is accusing two already agents to assassinate the saudi ambassador. >> it reads like the pages of a hollywood script. the impact would have been real. many lives would have been lost. >> the plot -- a 21-page complaint. manssor arbabsiar and gholam shakuri are charged with murder for hire and conspiracy to commit terrorism. eric holder says a special forces unit is behind the scene. >> this was sponsored and was directed from ciran. >> authorities say manssor arbabsiar posed as a member of the mexican drug cartel. they planned on bombing the saudi arabian embassy in washington because they had no regard for their intended victim or for innocent citizens that might have been hurt or killed in this attempted assassination. >> the assassination plot was meant to be the first in a series of attacks. he would not go into detail about the other planned attacks. nikole killion reporting in washington. >> dutch ruppersberger released a statement saying the alleged plot crosses the line in ira
'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> i hope to have some good weather news after the game last night. >> weather-wise, it will be nice this afternoon. plenty of sunshine in the picture. a chilly start. this is the end of october. 48 at the airport. a touch of fog in some neighborhoods. that should burn off pretty quickly. mostly sunny and pleasant. high temperature in the upper 60's. that is above average for this time of year. things will change by the end of the week. first we say good morning to sarah. >> we're tracking a few palms, one impacting a major road on the beltway. an accident near the j.f.x. -- we're tracking a few problems. the j.f.x. looks good into town. dorsey road and aviation, we're checking on an accident. 63 on the north side and bel air road. moving well over towards the west side. you may find some delays over towards the j.f.x. with that accident. we start near greenspring. we're watching to see if any delays start to form. we will monitor that shot for you. 95 out of white marsh, a building in volume. that is the l
morning. i am jennifer franciotti at. >> i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> i will take the cooler temperatures to lose the rain. >> it will be chilly but dry. will be kind of a windy day. a cold front is going through right now. 62 are out at the airport. the wind is starting to pick up. a mixture of sun and clouds. about a 30% chance for a shower this morning. the wind is a bigger story. high temperature in the 60's. we will come back and detail the forecast for the weekend. first we say good morning to sarah. >> we start with the most recent accident at harford road south of 152. you may start to see some delays. if you travel out of the northeast on 95 down towards the white marsh area, you will tap the brakes just a bit. in terms of other problems, we have an accident at coldspring and greenspring. so far so good on the west side. 140 reisterstown, fire activity. another problem involving a water main break. sacred heart is closed. in the white marsh area, you can see the volume is picking up. we had two accidents and they have been cleared on the eastboun
is up. high-pressure giving us these could weather conditions. 54 downtown near the water with all the concrete. those readings are nice with the clear skies. high temperatures will rise and will do better today than we did yesterday by taking the temperatures in the low to mid 70's by mid afternoon or so. some nights with a bang. we'll talk about the weekend. traffic now -- some nice weather. >> northbound 95 at 32, we have an accident on the ramp to ease down to 32. watch for possible delays. a bit of a delay on southbound 895 approaching the harbor tunnel. a problem with the direction of lights. that delay is starting to ease up. watch for fire department activity in baltimore county. this is 95 at 32. northbound traffic. no big delays. northbound 95 on the ramp to respond 32. watch for the crash clearing. a lot better than it was a few minutes ago with those delays easy up. the rest of the major roadways looking good. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> a baltimore county community is on edge falling at two home invasions. >> this time the victim had to jump
this piece i poured yesterday and you use this thing to what? this is used to pull out the inner plug. once the concrete dries, mary removes the mold. this effort requires the use of an engine hoist and some good old fashioned elbow grease. that came out easy. nice let's take off this piece first mary. just sort of shimmy it back. perfect. ha ha, look at that. oh beautiful. mary smooths the surface with additional cement, then she adds the color pigment. i actually apply it with my hands and i sort of do it in an abstract motion till it comes to you know the stage where i feel it's finished a clear coat of sealer is applied, and the vessels are ready for use it's cool what people put in the pots because really whatever they choose sort of offsets the color of the pieces as well and creates that contrast. it definitely adds architecturally and aesthetically to the whole environment. and to add to your environment you can find mary's vessels at "the gardner," a retail shop in healdsburg, and gracing the patios of the hotel healdsburg. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with a
on how they use the dollars. chuck -- charles grassely also non- reports for habc's profit affiliate's and contracts submitted to hud. that includes billing receipts, documents outlining steps federal officials took after a critical accounting office audit of housing units reached by habc. in the 2009 audit, the gao found the violations, and 380 of them were not reported. charles grassely says hud is good at writing checks but not the debt watching how the money is spending -- not good watching how the money is spent. >> it is very concerning. we think integrity in public confidence it is essential to doing our work and to make these statements without any background or information is very disturbing. >> the mayor's office issued this statement -- of course stephanie mayor -- maybank will -- mayor stephanie rawlings- blake will encourage an investigation immediately. >> a u.s. naval academy student will serve six months in prison, convicted of raping a student, and october of last year. the midshipmen claimed the act was consensual and was found guilty making a false statement to inv
in the architecture and in the language spoken here. but the people of puerto rico have been u.s. citizens since 1917, even though it is not a state. >> puerto rico is a territory of the united states. we are american citizens by birth, yet we cannot vote for the president and do not have a full congressional delegation. >> they do have pedro pierluisi, the resident commissioner for puerto rico. he's elected to represent the territory in the u.s. house of representatives. and he has an office in the longworth house office building, which is right across the street from the u.s. capitol. while commissioner pierluisi cannot vote on final passage of bills, he can work behind the scenes. for example, on committees. and he's using that influence to promote statehood for his people. >> we're part of this nation, we have been part of this nation for over a century and we want to contribute the same way that others do up here. >> in fact, with almost 4 million residents, puerto rico has a bigger population than that of 24 u.s. states. including oregon, oklahoma and connecticut. statehood means congress would
. showers and thunderstorms, and strong storms there, too, reaching into west texas. texas could use the rain, too. they might even put up severe weather to soak things up a little bit. that rain down in florida that may eventually prove to be our undoing with this great weather. again, that is several days away. we'll talk about the insta-weather plus forecast weekend forecast coming up in just a minute. >> 6:30 this morning, trying to break a cold case. this morning, 78-year-old palmer's was found dead in his room. >> 11 news spoke to palmer's wife and has more. >> i will never forget how i found him. you you never expect to find your husband dead in the basement when you left him making a sandwich. >> evelyn palmer was only gone 20 minutes, but in that time, someone came into their home and stabbed her husband multiple times. he was 78 years old. >> there is little evidence to go on to describe what happened, whether it was a robbery or a motive or another motive. >> i lost my best friend and my husband. i couldn't imagine being without him. >> this weekend marks the 100th anniver
attack the u.s. homeland and cannot affect u.s. interests around the world. and we have done an outstanding job, i think, in going after directly al qaeda in this border region between pakistan and afghanistan. we could not have been as successful as we have been without the cooperation of the pakistan government. and so on a whole range of issues, they have been an effective partner with us. what is also true is that our goal of being able to transition out of afghanistan and leave a stable government behind, one that is independent, one that is respectful of human rights, one moreis democratic, that ambivalent about our role there. i think they have hedged their bets in terms of what afghanistan would look like and part of hedging their bets is having interactions with some of the unsavory characters who they think might end up regaining power in afghanistan after coalition forces have left. what we have tried to persuade pakistan of is that it is in their edges to have a stable afghanistan, that they should not be feeling threatened by a stable, independent afghanistan. we
have an accident at warren road and beaver dam road. use extra caution. nothing major on the j.f.x. in to town. we had an overnight vehicle crash westbound. in the westbound direction, watch for delays from stevensville in towards the bay bridge. the north side is moving well. the rest of the major roadways are in good shape at this hour. this is 50 at sandy point. westbound traffic and we're seeing a lot of a volume leftover from that accident. this is traffic near belair road in the northeast corner of the beltway, very light at this hour. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the search is on for a new baltimore county school superintendent. >> some controversy over whether dr. joe hairston decided to step down voluntarily. jennifer franciotti is live with more. good morning. >> dr. hairston's contract is up in june so the board has about nine months to find a replacement. he made the board president aware of his decision to leave. search forunced the its replacement will begin immediately. >> i have established a committee to institute and to begin to institute the sea
1. well we certainly hope we've given you some essential tips that you can use when you serve and enjoy wine. and that's gonna do it for our show today, thank you for joining us, we hope you enjoyed your stay in wine country and we'll see you again next time. for more information about today's show, log on to our web site - inwinecountry.com >>> hi, everybody. welcome to the wall street journal report. i'm maria bartiromo. will america soar orland with a thud? what it means to your economy and money. >>> a superstore may be coming to a neighborhood near you. how one of the richest men in japan wants to transform american retailing. >>> having the talk with your aging parents. how to protect their money and have them navigate the sciences of retirement. "wall street journal report" starts right now. >>> what's making news, as we head into a new week on wall street. corporate america is getting its report card as earning season kicked off this week. important because we will get inside into just how strong companies are today and how the broader economy is doing. so far it's bee
on the parkway. use extra caution sharia there may be some lanes closed. some of fog warnings as you travel costs -- across the bay bridge. reduced speeds and visibility. 39 m.p.h. is what we're seeing already. that is the interloop traffic. we're not dealing with any delays on the major roadways leading up to the beltway. about an 11 minute ride. to get to from the beltway down toward 32. here is a view of traffic. it is not an ideal start as you make your way on the north side of providence. no delays but the roads are a little slick. we want to remind you fog warnings are in effect. >> our big story this morning, there will be heavy hearts a high school after a student was killed. >> she crashed her car during the rush hour on wednesday on a mountain road in pasadena. residents say that stretch of road is dangerous. kala austin is described as a happy young lady who was good in school and had many friends. she was likely on her way to school driving east on mountain road where police say she lost control and slammed into an abandoned home on the opposite side of the street. she died of her inj
of ulysses currie continues today. currie is accused of using his influence to benefit shoppers food warehouse well on the payroll as a consultant. >> redistricting may of been the intention for the special discussion. martin o'malley's administration is linking an increase on the gas tax. the tax would increase by 15 cents a gallon, up 5 cents each year for the next three years. the maryland chamber of commerce all support the proposal. >> we're putting construction workers back to work. we're putting hands on shovels and dollars in the pocket. >> i don't think it is a straight line that we will create new jobs. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think maryland needs to raise the tax on gasoline to spur job growth? you can share your response at wbaltv.com and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to watercooler@wbaltv.com. the state senate did approve the plan to redraw the congressional map. all 12 senate republicans voted against the plan. border say the proposed map shows the changing map of the suburbs. some say it favors party politics. and
.m. the 25-year-old man is behind bars, accused of using a knife to rob another man in broad daylight. police say it took them just 30 minutes to take -- to track down joshua whittington after he approached an apartment building on old stage road in glen burnie are around 9:50 monday morning. police said whittington ran off after taking cash from inside his victim's pockets. officers said they searched the area and found whittington along pamela road just before 10:00 a.m. tonight some hard numbers are beginning to trickle in about the financial impact of last month's grand prix race in baltimore. >> the question is, do they meet the expectations about what the been dead for baltimore? jayne miller is live in the newsroom with some -- about what the event did for baltimore? >> we do have information about how many hotel rooms used for the grand prix weekend. a solid indicator of the events draw for visitors. the new data, compiled by an independent travel research firm, shows the grand prix race was neither a big boon nor bust for the city's hotels, at least in terms of hotel rooms used for l
for joining us this morning. >> we're getting used to the rain. >> it was in the 40's this morning. be prepared for that. there is some rain out there but mostly just sprinkles. you'll see some showers later on. 45 at the airport. cooler in the northwest suburbs. is calm.s cad it will be chilly with a high temperature around 54. i have much better news in the seven-day forecast. first we say good morning to sarah. >> mostly good news on the major roads. conowingo road we do have an accident. some possible delays are forming. we might start to see some delays southbound on 83. annapolis road, a truck fire. we check speech centers. 56 on southbound 95. -- we check speed centers. a smooth ride on the j.f.x. 56 on the west side. 11 minutes on the outer loop west side. five minutes down towards the fort mchenry. on the west side, building in volume as we checked old court road. no official delay appeared the key bridge in pretty good shape on the east side. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a fight over a paintbrush. that's what police say led to an arson and a tire shop. >> an
for joining us for 11 news today. >> we're rude, have a lot of traffic but we're out of shape but we're lucky. i like that. we are a lucky city. and we're going to luck out at least start the day as far as the rain goes but we're going to see showers move in. give it a couple hours and the rain will start to drift in. let's take a look at the current conditions. 66 at the airport. kind of muggy. feels like a summer morning out there. the rain is just south of d. cranlt getting ready to move in. the beginning of the drive time will be fine but the rain will be with us throughout the afternoon. the high temperature near 73. let's say good morning to sarah caldwell. >> good morning tony. not exactly a lucky morning for folks heading north on the harrisburg expressway. a tractor-trailer went into the guardrail. as you make your exit on the outer loop ramp you'll find closures. one lane is getting by at the time. 14 miles per hour as you make your way north on the harrisburg expressway. we'll update you on that as we get more information. looking at a smooth ride in anne arundel county and glen bu
. >> for many of us on the stage or certainly for myself, came out of the fact that what we know is that when people told us know, you can't do this, why are you doing this, you're just going to cause trouble. why don't you stay home? why don't you shut up? why don't you sit down? you know what to? it just did not work out that way. [laughter] they left us and made fun of us but in america, in america, when you become a protester, when you become a dissident, they sent to the congress. they don't put you in jail. [laughter] [applause] we need to organize for ourselves here and for the women around the world. that is what the near main spam us senator mikulski was joined by staff, friends from baltimore, and her sister fran. she says she wishes her parents were alive to see this. in seneca falls, the birthplace of the women's rights movement, debra weiner. >> senator mikulski was one of 11 in dubie is a law with billie holiday and coretta scott king. [sirens] >> and new law and a penalty for brolin drivers -- and -- for maryland the drivers for texting while driving. >> she was just a wonderfu
visit the u.s. state department to find out. >> i'll tell you why there's a blindfolded woman on one of our state flags. >> i'll tell you about dinner companions we can only dream about. >> that and much more, so keep watching "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's our top story for this week. >> headaches can be a huge pain, but for some teens who get an extreme type of headache, it's an even bigger problem. tyler has the story. >> when daniel beecher complained about constant headaches, people thought he was making excuses. but his headaches were real and more severe than normal. >> i had it for a week straight. i was having two a day. >> that was during the summer. then school started, and daniel's headaches began to really get in the way. >> i'd have to be in a dark room, away from light, away from noise, 'cause that only makes the headaches worse. so i really had to step aside for at least an hour and just let it subside. >> the headaches were affecting daniel's schoolwork, so he and his mother went to the north shore university h
. these retailers know how to lure you in using music, food displays, yummy scents to make you spend more of your dollars and cents. works like a charm. how to avoid the retail traps in "today's consumer. ". >>> natalie is at the news desk with the headlines. >> good morning, matt, savannah and al. tension and arreststs at the occupy wall street protests this morning. mara, good morning. >> reporter: several several arrests and clashes with police during an impromptu celebration march, a victory against the owners of zucotti park where they've been camped out for a month, word came they would not have to evict the park for a cleaning. the park's owners would postpone the scheduled cleaning because they hoped to come to an agreement directly with the protesters. before that announcement was made this morning, up to 1,000 protesters gathered in zucotti park for an early morning rally, an attempt at eviction and attempt to silence them. the occupy wall street protesters have been camped out for a month. the city originally told them they could stay indefinitely then said they'd have to leave tempora
. it looks hazy. the winds are calm. high pressure in control. this is what's going to bring us quite a bit of sunshine as we go throughout the day. i mentioned that fog. be careful if you are traveling through low-lying areas. temperatures cool down. frost this morning. not out of the question. could have seen a little frost this morning. there were also freeze warnings out across the western tier of the state. frostburg at 49. amazing what the sunshine can do. a patchy area of clouds moving in across the western tier of the area. we expect sunshine throughout the area. then we have a cool system back in the dakotas. bouncing off showers there. it is going to be headed east as we look into tomorrow. it will increase clouds tonight. by tomorrow, we may have a little rabe rain with that storm system. we'll get to that in just a minute. spectacular out there. although, a little chilly. grab jackets as you head outdoors. around 64 degrees for ocean city today. for the bay the winds will be light ut -- out of the southwest. the futurecast shows we have sunny skies throughout the entire day. by
is used to produce many things -- makeup, biodiesel fuel for cars, and, yes, even some of our favorite snacks. in fact, the world wildlife fund says 50% of the packaged foods found in grocery stores are made with palm oil. >> the way they make -- harvest palm oil is, they cut down an area of rainforest -- they actually burn it -- and then they use that area to plant a palm-tree farm where they use the fruit of the palm tree to make the oil. >> to understand this issue, you need to understand some definitions. sustainable palm oil comes from farmers who are helping to protect the rainforests. non-sustainable palm oil comes from farmers who are hurting the ecosystem. >> they're destroying orangutan habitats and habitats of all the animals in the indonesian rainforest. >> jordan started researching non-sustainable palm oil as a sixth-grade current-events project. he realized he wanted to do something about it, so he recruited his classmates. >> i helped, like, spread the word. >> i did some online, like, posters and banners. >> i was getting petitions signed by people. >> i wrote the peti
stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> i was reading the prompter. >> i always mean it. weather-wise, i do think we will wind up with some nice weather. today will be a transition state. 20% chance for a shower. most of you will have a dry tuesday -- today will be transitioned day. take a light jacket paired with a slight chance for a shower, 20%. temperature around 65. i know you like the seven-day forecast -- take a light jacket. a slight chance for a shower. >> one problem on northbound 95 approaching 175. a vehicle fire off to the side. and having a major impact. in glen burnie, an accident involving a vehicle into a house. everything is clear in the city. when accident on a 33rd is gone. a smooth ride on the harrisburg expressway -- one accident on 33rd is gone. pretty smooth ride on the rest of the major roadways leading up to the beltway. this is 95 at 175. we switch back to traffic at old court road. still a pretty smooth ride. client is building. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you -- volume is building. >> lawmakers are heading back to washingt
hear you. >> a time for change has come! chris: facing mount rushmore. he promised us change and said he would be transformative, the kind of president who turned history. has the time come for barack obama to learn from a leader who did, the most inspiring democrat of our time. does jack kennedy have stuff to teach barack obama? the brothers and sisters, kennedy had the irish mafia. obama has tried to do it alone. has he have time to build a team. political confederates who can fight for him. can he pull a solo act and start to lead? finally, bad news bears. where do they find this crew? perry is falling, bachmann is falling. something is raising cain but nobody knows what. with time flying, the vast american middle is fleeing. with their chances good, why are the republicans so bad? hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today. the "washington post" bob woodward, nbc's andrea mitchell, the bbc's katty kay and the "new york magazine's" john heilemann. first up, since the 1957 shock of sputnik, there have been few times as unsettling as today. can we shake off this sense
people hanging around with us this morning. we thank them for that on kind of a cooler, damper day here in the northeast. i'm matt lauer with ann curry. al roker and savannah guthrie and unfortunately talk about a tragic story out of california. a man goes into a hair salon in seal beach, opens fire. at least eight people were killed. the man was taken into custody a short time later. what was the motive? what drove him to this? we'll be talking about that in this half hour. >>> meantime have you guys heard about this operation hacker-azzi? basically this florida guy now accused of hacking into the e-mail accounts of a lot of celebrities. in fact, more than 50 people including people like scarlett johansson, in some cases photographs that the star did not want splashed all over the internet that were so we'll tell you more about that arrest. >> all right. and today's prfrofessionals are back with their strong opinions on interesting topics including whether sexy ads on billboards should be allowed near schools. there is a new law that outlaws that. we'll talk about that. also tough to f
that hurt your daughter that you are not telling us? >> no, no, no. if i thought there was a chance i would say it. no, no. i don't think that alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that. >> reporter: deborah now says she last saw her daughter when she put her to bed at 6:40 p.m., not 10:30 as the family first reported. it was the first time lisa's father jeremy, an electrician, had ever worked an overnight shift making repairs at this kansas city starbucks. when jeremy got home before 4:00 in the morning he said he found the front door unlocked, several lights on and a window screen tampered with. police have tried to recreate how an abductor may have broken into the home through that window. you told us police said you failed a lie detector test. what question or questions did they say you failed? >> they said i failed when they asked me where she was. >> reporter: deborah and jeremy say they refuse to let detectives reinterview lisa's 8 and 5-year-old half-brothers. >> they said they heard noises. i don't know if that was before they went to sleep or after. i have not sat d
and deals for us today. where viewers get exclusive discounts on items like an iphone case, faux leather jacket, skin caroline, a must have for celebrities, some of today's items nearly 80% off. and then, doing my art fern. and then -- >> a whole group of people have no idea. >> no idea. fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, can too much fiber be too much of a good thing? oh, my! speaking let's do traffic, there's a backup. joy bauer answers nutrition questions in our "diet s.o.s. ". >> tamron hall at the news desk. >> this morning at dawn former libyan leader moammar gadhafi was buried along with his son and top aide. several were present as islamic prayers were read over the bodies. he was captured in his hometown of sirte last thursday. >>> in eastern turkey, thousands of people spent the night outdoors afraid to return to their homes after a massive earthquake and hundreds of aftershocks. rescuers are racing against time to find survivors in the rubble. so far they've pulled several people out alive today. more than 370 people have died in the tremor and some 1,300 others were i
? sheldon dutes has some answers for us. >> we think of snow 24-seven, 365 days a year. >> so when the forecast called for snow today, they said they were ready to go. >> we made sure if leaves were blocking drainage, it would not pile up and cause ice to form. >> if it doesn't storm, the system could cause rain which would make roads slick. that's why officials are asking drivers to slow down and allow plenty of time for their destinations. >> not a hunker down stay-at-home storm, but it is a be cautious storm. >> spokesman rob gould says the utility has been taking stock of resources and devising plans in case there are power outages in the area. the biggest concern is all the fall foliage. >> if you have a scenario with heavy, wet snow sitting on top of heavily treed canopies, that could bring the degrees down and cause outages. >> no one has a crystal ball. most folks aren't letting the threat of a storm ruin weekend plans. >> i think it is going to melt. >> i figure if we get anything, it won't be enough to worry about. >> not too concerned? >> not concerned. >> for more infor
by prescription drugs he was already taken. friday's testimony brought us more fireworks from the witness stand. >>> then an update on that rescue mission from antarctica. renee nicole ducur suffered a stroke in the south pole. it took weeks before they were able to get in there to get her. she's back in the states and we'll tell you how she's doing. >>> and william and kate's baby will succeed to the throne even if it's a girl. we'll have a live report from buckingham palace. >> still newlyweds and we're crowning their kids already. my goodness. >>> a storm is coming into the northeast. how bad are things going to get? nbc meteorologist bill karins is here to tell us more about it. >> good morning, lester. historic. we've never seen a storm like this that has the power to knock out power to this many people and take down this many tree limbs. i'm not concerned with the appalachians and new england. it's the valleys and the hills where the leaves are still on. if you get that heavy snow, you're the ones i'm worried about losing power during the day today. right now, as expected, most of this is
, a veteran of the battlefield in libya, richard engel here in studio with us. >> most libyans never knew another leader. these are shocking images that will resonate around the middle east and around the world. an arab dictator killed by his own people. gadhafi's final moments, injured, dazed, manhandled and dying, captured by rebels who prop him up on the hood of a car to take pictures, proof of life, but he wouldn't live much longer. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: news of gadhafi's death triggered wild celebrations across libya. he was killed in sirte, his hometown, in a neighborhood called district 2. fighting there has been intense for weeks. the reason is now obvious. the rebel assault devastated district 2, so today moammar gadhafi tried to escape. in a convoy with body guards he attempted to slip out of sirte, but the convoy was spotted and u.s. officials say targeted by a nato air strike. gadhafi survived the strike. witnesses say he managed to crawl to a nearby drainpipe under a bridge. it was there, in a pipe, that the former dictator was found by rebels. rebels quickly covered it in
morning. i am lisa robinson. >> i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> you do not look irish. it is a bit chilly. there is a touch of fog. i was talking about your accent. not your barry white voice. there is no rain. 44 degrees at the airport. i do not think the fog will affect your drive time. it could reduce visibility. we will make it into the 60's. we could see some rain showers this afternoon. we will check the seven-day forecast when i come back in just a few minutes. >> good morning. one problem around timonium road. the right lane is blocked by a disabled vehicle. a bit of a delight. 61 miles per hour on the north side at bel air road. moving well down towards baltimore national pike. the j.f.x. is equally smooth. is move right on 95. five minutes on southbound 95 down towards the fort mchenry. eight minutes on 895 south down towards the tunnel. this is traffic and we start on the harrisburg expressway. we have the northbound disabled vehicle. not enough volume to create much avenue the lead. this is traffic at the key bridge. so far so good. the bay b
-enhanced rain showers because there is cool air coming in behind the storm system. overall for us, it is going to increase the clouds throughout the day. eventually we have a chance for sprinkles tomorrow. right now high pressure in control. that will dominate our weather throughout the rest of the day. there is a disturbance riding along this boundary. as this moves north of us, that may bring a chance of sprinkles. there is a better bet of rain once this storm system shifts our way. that comes into tuesday night, wednesday when we talk about heavier rain in the forecast. for today you have the sunshine to start. clouds moving in toward the afternoon. we will warm up into the low to mid 70's across central maryland. 73 for southern maryland. etion city will be in the upper 60's. cooler in nature. mid 60's toward the afternoon. they will be the first to see the clouds move in. they just get a taste of showers tonight. if you are taking the boat out, it may not be the best of ideas. we have a small craft advisory in effect for the afternoon and evening. because of the stronger winds, gusts coul
. but members of the interim government appear to be divided over to do with the body. both the u.n. and the u.s. have weighed in. the u.n. is calling for an investigation and the u.s. is asking for a full accounting how he died. nato which launched the air strike which prevented georgia zaffy from escaping said it's going to end its operations here next weekend. celebrations are continuing through the weekend and hoping to buildup for tomorrow when the members here, the senior leaders of the transitional council will formally declare the liberation of libya. back to you. >> thank you. the death of gaddafi could speed up the return home of baltimore journalist van dyke. his mom said matthew went to libya to witness history and ended up in prison and then fighting alongside the rebels. we are live in federal hill with more. >> van dyke's mother said he is doing well and could be back home here in federal hill in the next couple of weeks or so. not long after gaddafi was killed by rebel forces, she was on the phone. >> i asked him what was going on and i could hear gunfire and shooting into the ai
of them. coming up. >> that's important. >> made us all quiet for a second. >>> let's go inside, natalie is off today. savannah guthrie filling in at the news desk. >> good morning, guys. in the newspapers today, tensions appear to have eased now in oakland, california, after boiling over during the night. police in riot gear used tear gas on hundreds of occupy wall street protesters, hours after police dismantled their encampment near a government building. police used tear gas after protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers and in atlanta, they were arrested after ignoring warnings to leave a downtown park. >>> today president obama announces a plan to help millions struggling with student loans. the aim of the plan is to allow student loan recipients to lower payments and could nsolidate lo. last night he spoke go moammar gadhafi's death. he says "it sends a strong message around the world to dictators that people long to be free." >>> a government advisory panel is recommending a vaccine against cervical cancer be given to boys as well as girls. six 2006 health officials have tr
on tv. that's what we used to always do. >> police say they initially had some encouraging leads, but none of them panned out. >> i can tell detectives are working, but it is hard when nothing is being done. >> we are confident someone will come forward and share the information they know. >> she is making an emotional plea to someone to help start the healing process. >> maybe someone will remember. maybe someone saw something coming out of here at that time. maybe they were leaving through the alley. maybe this will bring back the memory. >> sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> palmer's family will gather for a vigil in his honor tonight. if you have information, you are asked to call homicide. >> the search is on for the suspect that stormed a baltimore county convenience store yesterday morning. that brazen robbery ended with a customer in the hospital. kim dacey has more. >> 7:00 a.m., friday morning. two men wearing masks, wielding handguns stormed into this farm on east joppa road in towson. >> it occurred at a busy time. in addition to the clerks, there were a number of cus
or an hour-and-a-half after. >> those close to the victim tell us that the attacker said he had a gun and then he raped her. the assault left the high school student battered. according to those who know her, once the rapist climbed out of the house, the grohl stack of old wood scraps to escape and get help. >> -- the girl stepped up old wood scraps to escape and get help. >> of the rapist is described as a black man, 50 years old. those rallying around the victim are worried that he could strike again and are more concerned about how the 13-year-old will recover. >> we will see that she get help. >> this latest assault comes on the heels of a baltimore city police announcement that the department is investigating more rape cases this year. 200 the six rapes were reported in the first eight months of 2011. -- 236 rapes were reported in the first eight months of 2011. the city has launched a new campaign called "rape is not your fault." call police and take advantage of free counseling. and now we have an update to a story that was breaking news yesterday. medical examiners are now det
to use caper attackers. we do know that one man has been arrested in the same area. the police say they are not connected. three men held a woman and her grandson at gunpoint and stole several thousand dollars as well as two computers. found guilty of home invasion, a baltimore city and will learn his fate in december. she shot and killed the man inside. the wife and two children were home when it happened. >> police are still looking for the person behind the wheel of a pickup truck that was used to whip a speed camera out of the ground a pure >> it was dragged behind in the field of a high school. what is the latest, lowell? '>> police tell us they had arrested two 17-year-old student at the high school and are still looking for an adult in this case. they ripped piece speed camera out of the ground using a chain and a pickup truck. it is ironic because the speed camera was slated to be moved and it did not work in the first place. >> out in front of the high school on the 7400 block of north point boulevard is a son of what is left of a speed camera that was pulled out of the gr
that's gonna do it for our show today, thank you for joining us. from long meadow ranch in napa valley, we hope you enjoyed your stay in wine country and we'll see you again next time. for more information about today's show, log on to our website inwinecountry.com. >>> hi, everybody. welcome to the wall street journal report. i'm marie bartiromo reporting from washington, d.c. what do people say about the economy gridlock in washington? what steve thinks about detroit these days, what europe is going through and what it all means to the market. capitalism and do corporations have a conscience and why it matters. the "wall street journal report" begins now. now, maria bartiromo. >>> here's what's making news as we head into a new week on wall street. europe's financial crisis may not be over, but it appears leaders there have taken a significant step to help resolve it. after a late-night meeting, eu leaders announced the debt deal late in the week which could force european banks holding greek debt to take a 50% loss. that in turn would lower greece's debt to gdp ratio. the ban
. >> join us as we hit the fashion runway for an exclusive look at the fall ralph lauren girls and holiday collection. >> in flag facts, i'll explain why one of our states owes its name to a mistake. >> i'll tell you about one of america's most beloved historical poems. it tells a rousing tale of colonial heroism. but it stretches the truth. >> that and much more, so keep watching "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's our top story for this week. >> as we all know, jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. but there's still a lot more to learn about this distant giant. that's what nasa's newest space mission is going to find out. harry tells us more. >> packed with the very latest scientific gear, juno launched in august 2011. >> it gets to jupiter in 2016, so it takes five years to get to jupiter. >> whoa! did he say five years? >> five years to get to jupiter. >> well, the distance we're talking about is over 366 million miles. that's equal to going around the earth almost 15,000 times. juno has a unique design. it looks like a p
these days have been a gift. >> absolutely, this time of year anything can be thrown at us and we will probably have the kitchen sink comeback may be in the middle of next week but we have a few more good days. we have nice weather this morning with a lot of sun and very comfortable but cooler temperatures now clock -- now beginning to climb into the 50's. the radar is clear but down to the south and north to the west, there is some stormy weather in florida and out in the west texas area up through the plains states. west texas is getting some rain. there might be severe storms and there. we will watch that step down in florida. by the time we have the middle of the coming week, some of that moisture is likely going to come our way in the form of rain. we will detail at all in just a moment. >> baltimore city police are invested in a shooting involving one of their own. police responded to a shooting in the 1800 block of hope street in east baltimore around 1:30 this morning. they found one shooting victim and a man armed with a gun. during the encounter with police, an officer s
>>> on the broadcast tonight america's longest war. a new marker for all of us and an extraordinary woman -- a mother and grandmother, one of many sacrificing on the front lines. >>> fear factor. children pulled out of school in this country while parents give up work they desperately need, all because of the sutden impact of a tough new law >>> hitting home. new numbers on jobs. it's not getting better. now the anger and the protests are growing. >>> the interrogation. for the first time, the jury hears michael jackson's doctor describe his version of what happened the day michael jackson died. >>> and three women share the nobel peace prize. >>> and three women share the nobel peace prize. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. tonight protesters remain in the streets of a dozen u.s. cities, angry over what's happened to their lives and our country and a big part of that over these last ten years, the two wars we have been fighting. starting ten years ago today. this is the anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan. long
's a shame. he was a nice guy. his wife, she used to take a ride to the cemetery in her wheelchair every day. >> while neighbors hold on to fond memories of the couple, detectives investigate what prompted this tragedy. >> friends and neighbors identified them as mr. and mrs. john segum. deputesdutes, wbal-tv 11 news. -- sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> new this morning, traffic has now reopened along eastbound i-70 after a fatal crash shut down access to the beltway. state police say 26-year-old michael neems was killed just before 2:30 when a tractor-trailor cut off his way. he slid under the trailer and became pinned. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no words on what charges the driver of the truck may face. >> another murder at the criminaliston t. perkins hospital in -- at criminaliston -- clifton t. perkins hospital in jessup. vitaly davydov asked for help. they went to his room and found his roommate, david noyola, bleeding with trauma injuries. >> the body has been taken to the examiner's office for a autopsy. >> davydov was sent to the hospital after beating his psychiatrist
inches of snow. thank goodness that is not us. the morning, happy halloween. i'm mindy basara. >> mother nature played a trick on us. it has been 10 years since we have seen snow in october. we're not expecting any snow today. there are some areas of fog, 36 degrees. the fog should dissipate throughout the day. 55 this afternoon. milder weather will be expected midweek. that is the latest on the weather. >> good morning. we're starting off with a couple of problems. this is providence road. the right lane is closed with an accident. over towards 95, you may find some delays. newbury street at smith avenue, some fire activity. closures in effect. for the south on the eastern shore in chester, we have some downed wires along maryland 18 at u.s. 50. everything else is pretty much up to speed. southbound 95 through howard county, problem free. this is traffic and will check some cameras. this is dogwood road and so for up to speed. no problems on this portion of the beltway. we're checking on this accident taking up the right lane. no sign of delays. that could change as volume picks up. tha
morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> a steady rain just-in-time for the morning commute. >> it will be with us to the drive time and probably on your way home from work as well. you might see some thunderstorms later on today. some heavy rain. look for the bright orange and red. that is where the heavy rain is coming down. northern part of baltimore city and even into howard county. if you're driving in from the northern suburbs, some rain will get heavier ones you closer to baltimore. rain off and not, maybe even a few thunderstorms this ever known. it will be a breezy day with temperatures in the 60's. we'll come back and check if forecast for the upcoming weekend. >> good morning. we are coming up with as many traffic cliches as we can. on facebook. give yourself as much time as you can. southbound 95 at 198, we have an accident report. we may have some delays. first we show you northbound 95 just past white marsh. reports of some debris in the road in the left lane. southbound traffic, so far so good. a little bit slow. on th
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